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holiday cards!

I have a lot of letter sets in my folder that I never use and what better time than the holiday season?
I won't call it a Christmas card because none of these are really Christmas themed but if you would like just a simple holiday greeting cards, comment here with your address! Comments will be screened.
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so i went to universals studio for, well basically my first time. (my technical first time was when i was like three so it totally doesn't count) it was a pretty spontaneous decision.

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Macross F Sayonara no Tsubasas Tsukkomi

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Part two of my initial impressions of my classes.

Comparative World Lit

Really reminds me of World Literature and AP English combined. I think I can handle it really. The teacher seems pretty old fashioned (with the whole lecture thing and professors droning on and on) but he seems to be okay. idk yet. Kinda excited, since it means I'll actually be reading stuff. which you know, I've been lacking lately :<

Intro to Ethics

Is on the campus of where my dorms at so it's like a 5 minute walk and really nice. However, the AC doesn't work and I wouldn't really mind the heat if it wasn't so stuffy... It's a packed, small class so stuffiness is like ah getting to me. This professors seems to be pretty old fashioned as well, but I've taken Ethics before so I think I know where I'm heading to.

That's the only two classes I have on Tues/Thurs. They're both critical thinking-y so much thinking in one day... But I'll manage. Hopefully.

I was so tired yesterday. I got home from classes and tried to do my Sociology homework but I kept falling asleep. And it doesn't help that I forgot a lamp desk so once my roommate sleeps lol in the dark..I had to read some by computer & cellphone light. WILL DEFINITELY BRING MY LAMP WHEN I GO HOME THIS WEEK...

But I managed to finish it. Whew. Hopefully once I get the hang of it, I'll be able to read quicker, because if I will totes be failing or something.
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Hey guys, it's like...been forever since I've actually posted... such laziness. Well, I have this, so might as well use it, right? fft.


Well, I've started college finally. Idk, it doesn't seem too WAHH for me at the moment. This might change after the first two weeks. However, I've been able to get to classes with minimal problem, and they all seem to be classes I will enjoy...

Theater 113

-Starts at 8. If it wasn't so early (for me at least fft) it would've been better. I have to wake up at 6 (which is classified as WAY early for me) to get ready and all that. Hopefully I'll be able to get this in routine and make myself have a longer day...
-Am nervous about all the interacting and all that stuff you do in drama. I mean, I took like 4 years in high school so I know what to expect but still, I keep getting nervous and embarrassed. Been taking these drama classes to snap me out of it but eh...still get nervous when talking to people. :|a
-But, as said before, it seems to be what I expected (with lot more people) and the professor's pretty chill so, I think I'll do fine, and hopefully enjoy it a lot.

German 101

-First off, the professor is so adorable. She's just so cute, idk why lol. I've never really..taken a language class (our Spanish teacher kept teaching history but we loved him a lot lol) so this is a first for me. VERY excited though. Hopefully, I don't have this weird Asian American accent lolol...
-Downside? Idk, can't find one yet. It's an hour and 50 minutes long but it goes by so quickly...

Sociology 142

-Why is the Kinesiology building hard to find...?
-But anyway, it's seems to be the normal read, write summary/opinion, hear lecture, answer questions...type of class. Slight interaction? idk it IS Sociology after all. Assuming from the text book, I deduce much reading. Which I don't mind I think. Unless I'm sleepy and trying to read about serious stuff and it just flies past me fft.
-The teacher is strict, but not stiff I think. A teacher type really, but I think she's pretty nice and cool. I don't mind teachers like that too much so I'm up to it.
-Met a really nice girl... So far the only class I've successfully talked to more than my name.

So those are my only classes on Mon/Wed. Tomorrow I have two classes, so, I'll see how that goes.

And oh man, the sunlight is like so hot it makes me like, blergh and tired and sweaty and I go into an AC room and then it's cold and yeah... orz Autumn, come already...


So I live in the off-campus housings which means I need to take a 5~8 min. shuttle ride to class. Which I don't mind at all..when I'm not waiting in the sun waiting for the driver to come back and then once riding it, the driver stops again to do..something idk. Yeah. Anyway.

I think it's really nice dorms. My roommate is pretty cool, I like her a lot. She likes anime as well so phew, will be putting posters up now (finally). The rooms itself is bigger than the ones on-campus and the bathrooms aren't like...6 people, but four to one so REALLY nice. The halls and the place is mostly pretty quiet, and the food is actually pretty good. I'm really happy with the dorms here. :> ...Just wish we could like, pushpin stuff in the wall, but I guess that can't be helped...


Not much is going on however, in life. Just getting used to college and dorm living. Playing Pokemon, watching anime... Same old, same old really. I hopefully will get into a routine soon, and then find time to translate some drama cds for fun/practice as wellllll!

I think that's it really.
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Wow I haven't yeah, in forever. I've been stalking around twitter most of my time lately. /fail

Um...First things first. I've successfully moved to Downtown LA /o/ Although in like three weeks time I'll be moving to dorms. It's completely different. Mainly in the fact that I hear like firetrucks and police cars 10 times each day. lolol

Um...idk my life's been pretty boring. I've been spending my days moe-ing over Detective Conan, Ao no Exorcist, No. 6, and Macross Frontier (still). And stalking on twitter really... idk I should like do more useful thing. :|a


Also! Made a plurk. Now...if someone could just tell me how this works. All I heard was like a mix between twitter and blogging? idk.

btw Conan radio. Best thing ever born. (not really but I HAVE BEEN WAITING A CENTURY FOR THIS *A*)
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Happy 4th of July!

I've had a rather nice day actually. I usually do nothing and just laze around, hearing the fireworks at night. But today I actually went somewhere! Outside! In the hot weather! I got a $750 scholarships which was nice /o/ So a luncheon for that.

After that though, went to Downtown Disney to look for laptop cases. ( I ended up not buying one today :|a ) But I did get the mug cup and Alice plushie that I was wanting! I saw it in Disneyland and it was cute but I didn't buy it because I didn't have enough money and since we're moving my mom might not like the clutter. But I was able to find it again in Downtown Disney and I got it!

It's a totes cutes Cheshire Cat mug that's huge. And this Asian looking Alice plushie ffft. Also I got a French Press Coffee maker because I will be needing it. It's pretty cute. It wasn't on my list of things to get but it was cute enough!

Speaking of moving, yes we finally are! Going to Downtown LA at the Historical District. Moving at the end of the month. Ahhh first house moving everrrr. lololol. Kinda excited. I'll be having to pack anyway for dorms, so it'll probably just be in the house move box and dorm move box.

I don't think I'm going to Japan this summer, sadly. (I'm still getting my passport lol) But I might this winter? FuyuComiiiiii. I wants my Conan doujinshis dammit. But I need to sell my old ones. Will probably have a big sale soon or something. But omg I got my paycheck too. Ahh I totally thought it would be later but that's good.

Also! I have my schedule for college! idk Time wise it's pretty nice. I'M NOT TOO SURE ON WHAT KIND OF SCHEDULES ARE GOOD OR NOT. I JUST...KINDA WENT WITH MY ADVISOR. Any advice for next semester?

P.S. I have a skype that works now ;; My username will be fwaooo o9
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Aaand back from grad nite. Our school does Disneyland for Grad Nite every year, but oh wow. That was quite interesting. lol. As a student from a small, close-bubbled school of Christian people we were like "HO SNAP THEY ARE LIKE. HAVING SEX. WITH CLOTHES ON. REPRODUCTION IS HAPPENING. OUR EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEYES". (of course there were some that welcomed the grinding) Man, they just reminded me of animals doing a mating dance. How the girls would shake their hips and the guys would find a girl they like, come up behind and starting grinding. I'm like "oh hey, that's like. what dogs do." Ugh. And then people were like making out. (so many couples oh my goodness) But once you got away from the dance floors it was mostly fine. (there were still people making out in the lines)

We tried to stay in a group. (Our whole class took a picture with Mickey. It's sad we fit on the stage thingy) But we kinda broke off. Then half of us were like "dude. rides. c'mon." and the other half was like "dude. rides are lame. let's dance." so we just broke. Too bad the line was so long and some of the rides were shut. We went on Pirates, Indie Jones (it was quite fun. I didn't remember it to shake this much), and Space Mountain (the very back. it was all over the place. I loved it).

It was nice to be with everyone. There are some that I know I'm going to have a hard time seeing again, so it was nice. Just to go have fun at Disneyland as a class. (with a few missing) It was a new experience really. I don't think any in Japan would have had such a chance. (I think my friends and relative in Japan would faint if I told them about it lol) And well, now I know clubbing is definitely not my thing.

It was a nice end to the high school memories.
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Off to graduation!

Edit Oh goodness, I haven't made an entry in forever.

BUT IT'S HERE. I'VE GRADUATED. I am leaving my nest of the past 14? 15? years. Oh man, it's been so long. It's crazy. So much things have happened in the past four years and well, this year too. Especially this year. It was crazy.

I surprisingly didn't cry. I already cried on that day of the World Lit. final when we all convinced Smith NOT to give finals and instead let us do our senior speeches. I still have no idea how we got that to happen. I totally thought I would cry during the ceremony but I nope I didn't. Maybe my eyes were too dry from the contacts fft.

And now off I go to college (UNLESS I FAILED PHYSICS. HNNGH) to Cal State Long Beach. It wasn't my first choice, but I think I'm content with it.

I could probably write lots more. For the times I didn't write in the past few months, but as I've learned in AP English, I fail at writing so. fft. Screw it.

I definitely think our class have left a mark in our school. Pfft, biggest class ever to graduate? (amazing number of 30 lolol) Class of probably future stars? (daniel geez) We're a big family, dysfunctional at times and united in others. (like our hatred with one teacher fft) I'm proud to be in this class.

Peace out Crystal Cathedral. The Class of 2011 has left your halls.
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So my last rejection letter came. Although I knew I had no hope for the last one. Which means I have two choices for sure. Cal State Long Beach or Penn State University Park. West or East. Cheaper or Pricier.

Better start looking for good scholarships.

Man, senior year is tiring.
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Another rejection. It seems the UCs really hate me or something because I got into neither UC's I applied for - UCLA and UCI.

Apparently California doesn't want me in their state no more. fft. So, so far, 2 rejections and 2 acceptance out of 6. I'm guessing a third rejection will come soon with UPenn.


Anyways. rehearsals and school is keeping me busy. Senior year is stressful. (idk how) But it's only two and a half more months. So close, yet so far.

Btw, [ profile] dollhouse__x, happy 19th birthday! :> \o/
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The social security number I used from my school transcripts was wrong.


................crap. crap. I applied to everything with that.
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HNNGHH OMGGG MACROSS FRONTIER MOVIEEE. I finally saw it after like. Forever. But oh god it was so good. *A* The battle sequences were just. So epic. And Ranka was so adorable and Sheryl was so ero ahhhhhhhhhhh. And Alto was more feminine than usual ftw earring scene lololol AND THE PREVIEW. WHAT EVEN. ARE YOU GOING TO KEEP SHERYL'S EARRING ON THE WHOLE TIME? lol Real manly there Alto. Also, MICHEL. Stop giving us a scare. I thought you glasses broke. Again. ;A;

Ahh idk so much excitement. I was so excited after I saw Suzumiya Haruhi no Shoushitsu. It was epic movie too. So much Sugita. Such good animation quality. Nagato so moe. KOIZUMI ONLY APPEARING A LITTLE BIT YET LEAVING SUCH A HUGE IMPRESSION WITH THOSE GYM SHORTS. lolol. The music was good I dl'd the soundtrack too. *A* Ahh Satie. Such nice music.

I'm going to see the Illusionist now so I can't write a good review taking time but hnggh Macross. *A* C-Can't wait for the 2nd movie. ALSO IT WAS NICE SEEING ALTO AND MICHEL BEING SERIOUS. SINCE I GOT SO USED TO THE RADIO.

Aaand, Alto your hair length changed. At first your hair in a ponytail was like down to waist, but then in the end your hair in a ponytail was only to like, the shoulder blades. It did look like you had your hair higher than the first place but...that still seems too short. DID THE VAJRA FRY YOUR BEAUTIFUL HAIR OFF? Or did you cut it after looking at yourself in the mirror looking too girly? SO MUCH GIRL JOKES ALTO. SO MUCH. EVEN RANKA WAS ABOUT TO PHONE YOU FOR ADVICE ON HOW TO DANCE MORE WOMANLY. lolol so sad.
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Regional Dialect Meme

Say These Words:

Aunt, Route, Wash, Oil, Theater, Iron, Salmon, Caramel, Fire, Water, Sure, Data, Ruin, Crayon, Toilet, New Orleans, Pecan, Both, Again, Probably, Spitting Image, Alabama, Lawyer, Coupon, Mayonnaise, Syrup, Pajamas, Caught

Now answer these questions:

What is it called when you throw toilet paper on a house?
What is the bug that when you touch it, curls into a ball?
What is the bubbly carbonated drink called?
What do you call gym shoes?
What do you say to address a group of people?
What do you call the kind of spider that has an oval-shaped body and extremely long legs?
What do you call your grandparents?
What do you call the wheeled contraption in which you carry groceries at the supermarket?
What do you call it when rain falls while the sun is shining?
What is the thing you change the TV channel with?

....I think I misread "spitting image" for "splitting image" but don't mind me. orz orz THERE WAS A LOT OF THINGS I DIDN'T GET....
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It's the year of the Rabbit \o/ I would have put a picture of a rabbit or something like that but I got too lazy to size it down. >>

Anyway! Ummmm New Years Resolutions?

Stop procrastinating - ...I think that was my resolution last year too.
Be more healthy/athletic - I need to get out more. Stretch more too. ONE DAY I WANT TO BE ABLE TO DO THE SPLITS. ONE DAY.
Read more books - More classicssss. Light novels are fine too but I need to get actual reading done.
Get better at Kanji - Reading, writing both. must get even betterrrr.
More Seiyuu Stuff - lol gotta keep up with the seiyuu world ♥

I...honestly my brain is dead. I can't think of any more. Also the fact that it's already 2011 hasn't hit me yet. IT STILL FEELS LIKE DECEMBERRRRRR

ahh i should sleep.

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I have no idea wtf just happened but my school was on lockdown for like 30 minutes.

..what even. WHAT HAPPPENEEDDDD??? Newssss tell me what happened. We were just all stuck in a dark room, we had no idea wtf happened.

edit also everywhere I look on my f-list everyone's during their finals whereas I'm still a highschooler so >> finals in january. I FEEL SO. LEFT BEHIND. IDK. ;A;

also still no idea wtf was going on with school
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I got into the Green Show.

I mean I guess I should be happy. But these are the times when I feel jealous that guys automatically get parts because we lack so much. And there's always so much competition in the girls. ..Of course, not really though. I mean, it's always the same people chosen.

..It hurt a bit to tell the girl that they got the part you wanted. I like her and I feel happy for her. But. I still feel a bit hurt. I'm allowed to at least wallow in a bit of woe right? It'll probably be just for one night anyway.

I need a good news.


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